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Lynn raised $4000 and biked 3,682 miles from Virginia Beach, VA to Canon Beach, OR with 26 people ages 18 to 25. Bike & Build organizes cross-country trips to benefit affordable housing projects.



Heritage Conservation Network's (HCN) hands-on building conservation workshops are making a difference in the world – we knew it, you knew it, and now the world knows it! In USA TODAY, November 21, Sheryl Kayne named HCN as one of the best volunteer opportunities in the U.S. The enthusiastic efforts of our volunteer participants continue to be the key to HCN’s success and you are not going unnoticed – see “10 Great Places to Put the ‘Giving’ in Thanksgiving.”



I found loads of great seasonal jobs on coolworks.com and applied for and accepted a summer position as the breakfast/lunch cook at Stehekin Valley Ranch in Stehekin, WA, a wilderness recreation area accessible only by air, foot or water. What an adventure!







VOLUNTEER VACATIONS ACROSS AMERICA has more than 200 volunteer opportunities with a travel component. Experience volunteering with people, communities, wildlife, the environment, and national treasures in ways and places you never imagined possible, many are free and most are tax deductible.


Immersion Travel USA: The Best and Most Meaningful Volunteering, Living and Learning Excursions features more than 200 trips in five categories: helping, learning, working, caring and playing. Learn how to make every trip an immersion travel experience: Don't just visit, get involved and give back.
IMMERSION TRAVELER helps you interact with the people and places you visit to experience it like a local. Go far beyond seeing the sights to taking an active part where you travel to learn about the culture, traditions, and characteristics of each particular place. Enjoy helping, learning, working, caring, and playing everywhere you go!  

Explore immersiontraveler.com to find great trips all over the USA that include:

• Volunteer opportunities
• Short, long term & seasonal jobs
• Educational opportunities
• Ways to enhance previously planned trips

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The IMMERSION TRAVELER website along with the books, VOLUNTEER VACATIONS ACROSS AMERICA and BEST IMMERSION TRAVEL USA, are about experiencing, celebrating, understanding and appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of the USA. Don't just visit, get involved and give back!



BEST IMMERSION TRAVEL USA (Countryman Press, W.W. Norton & Company, Fall 2008) is an extensive listing of IMMERSION TRAVELER trips within the United States.

• Would you consider vacationing on an organic farm and working in exchange for room and board?
• Do you want to be a bus driver and wildlife tour guide in a National Park?
• How about volunteering with The Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project providing adaptive sporting events for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans?

BEST IMMERSION TRAVEL USA is organized in categories of interests and locations for you to plan the trip that meets your needs.
Many entries begin with a personal story from someone who has experienced the activity or one very similar to it.


Amazon.com recommends "Volunteer Vacations Across America" and "Immersion Travel USA" 

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Want to combine travel with a worthy cause? Read Sheryl Kayne’s “Volunteer Vacations Across America” (Countryman, 2009) -- packed with helpful facts and information. Columbia Daily Tribune Literary Links






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